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MLILY SensiHealth Copper Infused Memory Foam Pillow

MLILY Mattresses

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Copper is one of the most conductive materials on earth and when compressed, The copper particles become concentrated at the foam surface, forming an antimicrobial film close to the human skin which has added health benefits such as better blood circulation and cooler sleep, while prevents foam from compressing and flatting.

Ergonomically designed to comfortably support and cradle the head and neck. Ventilated throughout to increase air flow helping regulate heat and enhance breathability.

Surface & Cover
Removable and washable cover A removable cleanable cover is the only way that you can easily and conveniently get rid of dust mites, smell, mould, and perspiration.
You can relax knowing that you’re sleeping in a hygienic and fresh environment.

Thickness: 120mm for Traditional Profile