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Custom Made Furniture Information

Custom Made Furniture - Finish Options

Our ranges of locally custom made furniture (Maddison, Cottage and Windsor collections) are available in a large selection of painted & stained finishes.

Generally we use two terms to describe these finishes - either an "Oil Wax" or "Lacquer" finish. Oil wax finishes are limited to certain wood-stain colour options and offer a more traditional matte finish, whereas the Lacquer option is available on all colours & finishes including painted options such as white or whitewash. Lacquer finishes are generally more expensive because the top-coat applied is an extra process, which offers a slight semi-gloss appearance, plus an extra protective barrier to preserve your furniture for years to come.

Custom Made Furniture – Product Care & Warranty Information

To help you cherish the beauty and finish of your custom-made furniture, here are some tips for maintaining and caring for it for years to come:

  • Protect furniture from UV rays by keeping out of direct sunlight
  • Place furniture away from heating and air conditioning vents
  • When moving your furniture, avoid dragging across the floor as this can cause damage. Instead, lift fully off the floor and use two people for heavier pieces such as dressers
  • Dust regularly using a soft cloth or feather duster
  • Ensure that hot drink cups, plates, drinking glasses etc don’t come into contact with the coated surface of the furniture – always use a coaster or heat-proof placemat
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners, “spray and wipe” solutions and any polishes which contain silicone as they can harm the surface of your furniture
  • Items such as pots, vases, clocks etc with silicone feet should not come into contact with the surface of the furniture, as the silicone can cause undesired discolouration and harm the furniture’s finish
  • Ensure that nail polishes & removers, aftershave lotions and similar chemicals don’t come into contact with the coated surface of the furniture
  • We recommend moving ornaments on a regular basis to expose all areas of the furniture’s surface more evenly to air and light, otherwise patchy discolouration may occur over a long period of time
  • In the event of a spill, the spillage should be attended to immediately with a slightly warm dampened cloth and a very small amount of dishwashing liquid if needed
  • Avoid using excessive force to remove stubborn dirt, grease etc as this can harm the lacquer surface, particularly on surfaces with a satin or silky matte finish

The warranty on this product guarantees against faulty materials, faulty workmanship and structural defects.